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What is Coronavirus & COVID-19

COVID-19 stands for coronavirus disease of 2019. This disease is caused by symptoms of the SARS-CoV2 virus. these symptoms are present in our nose. When we are breathing, some dangerous symptoms come inside our body and cover the path of respiratory systems. Then, all of the oxygen taken through the nose can create some difficulties to breathe and this causes respiratory disease.

How Coronavirus Spread

COVID-19 is handpicked disease which is transmitting between people and animals. Firstly, It's cause smooth illness like the common cold then after, it's become severe diseases like the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS-CoV) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-CoV).


How Coronavirus Harmful for our body

COVID-19 symptoms are very simple but it gives harmful effects on our body besides They can even kill you. There are given some symptoms to know about you have coronavirus or not.

Types of Coronavirus & COVID 19 Symptoms

COVID-19 symptoms are fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, and breathing difficulties. Corona is an infected disease that is spread through humans to humans rapidly. It causes you many diseases like corona infection can cause pneumonia and even death.

How to prevent self from corona

1 in every hour, wash your hand and sanitized them.
2 keep a distance of 10 steps to those around you.
3 if you have Cough, fever and any simple disease then you have been going to the doctor and take some special treatment.
4 You have to sip on hot water every day. 


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